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Ford hits pause on Mustang Mach-E home charger sales due to tech issues

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is one of our top electric-vehicle recommendations, but if you plan to pair it with Ford’s home wallbox right now, you better shop around. ( click here, we have perfect solutions for it)

The automaker recently stopped sales of its Ford-branded home charger. It says that the unit, called the Ford Connected Charge Station, can record a fault signal that halts and prevents future charging.

The issue is with the wallbox, not the car. “While no safety concerns are associated with this condition, the company has issued a stop sale of new charge stations until the issue is resolved, and is working with affected Mustang Mach-E customers,” Ford said, in an official statement sent to Green Car Reports.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

The charger sells for $799 and normally has the advantage that it can be financed with the vehicle.

The Ford-branded wallbox can add up to 30 miles of charge per hour, according to Ford, while the mobile charge connector that comes with the Mach-E adds 21 miles per hour when plugged into a 240-volt outlet.

For now, Ford is recommending that owners in need of a home unit look elsewhere. Amazon Home Services was already helping enable installation and coordinate local approved electricians, so you can bet many owners will look to the retail giant and its wide selection of home wallboxes with the ubiquitous J1772 connector.

FordPass app

FordPass app

That might cause owners to lose the single-point convenience of the FordPass app, as each other respective connected charger today tends to come with its own app and ecosystem; however with a suite of remote charge-control settings on the Mach-E that shouldn’t be an issue.

“A variety of home and public charging options, including the Ford Mobile Charger which comes standard with every Mustang Mach-E, enable affected customers to continue to enjoy driving their vehicle until the issue is resolved,” stated Ford, noting that customers who are having issues with those wallboxes can call the company at 800-392-3673.

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