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China: Plug-In Cars Grab 10% Market Share In April 2021

China: Plug-In Cars Grab 10% Market Share In April 2021,Sales almost tripled, and over 80% are all-electric cars.Plug-in electric car sales in China continue to grow very fast, exceeding 175,000 in April, which is 173% more than a year ago.

According to EV Sales Blog, that's the second consecutive month of double-digit market share (10%), after 11% in March. All-electric cars stand for 8.2% of the volume, which means that plug-in hybrids are at 1.8%.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – April 2021


Year-to-date sales of the new passenger plug-in electric cars amounted to 666,572, which is also 10% of the total market (including 8.1% for BEVs).

Model rank

The Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV remains the top-selling EV by volume with over 29,000 units (the numbers are noticeably different than 26,592 reported by CPCA). This tiny EV is already at over 125,000 YTD.

Tesla Model 3 is the top among the 'normal' electric cars with 6,264 units, followed by BYD Han BEV (5,746), the Li Xiang One EREV (5,539) and Tesla Model Y (5,407).

The top five for the month:

  1. Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV - 29,251
  2. Tesla Model 3 - 6,264
  3. BYD Han (BEV) - 5,746
  4. Li Xiang One EREV - 5,539
  5. Tesla Model Y - 5,407

The new BYD Qin Plus PHEV with Blade Battery noted a strong result of 3,603. The Chinese Volkswagen ID.4 noted some 1,644 units (922 ID.4X and 722 ID.4 Crozz).

Year-to-date, the Tesla Model 3 is far ahead of any other comparable electric car in China (over 59,000 units), while the Tesla Model Y is in a strong fifth place with aspirations for more.

After the first four months, already 15 models exceeded 10,000 units year-to-date.

Top 20 models for the month and for the year by EV Sales Blog:

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