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What is NACS Charging Connector?

What is NACS Charging?

NACS is short for the North American Charging Standard (NACS), currently being standardized as SAE J3400. NACS is also known as the Tesla charging standard, as it was originally a proprietary design by Tesla. Now more and more EV manufacturer such as Ford, Volkswagen, GM and charging network operators are adopting this NACS

Charging standard.

NACS Charging Tesla Supercharger network

What is NACS Connector?

NACS Connector is a compact and versatile charging connector that can support both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging. With AC charging, NACS can provide up to 80 amps at 240 volts, which is suitable for residential and public level 2 charging stations. With DC Fast Charging, NACS can provide up to 500 amps at up to 1000 volts, which is comparable to the Combined Charging System (CCS) standard. NACS can also communicate with the charging station and the vehicle to adjust the charging power and state. it has a built-in UHF Signal transmitter, by press the button in the center it can open the charge port door remotely. with a LED ring indicator, the charging status is clear in a glance. blue for connecting, green for charging and red for errors.

Tesla charging connector/ NACS charging plug pinout.

NACS connector tesla charging plug pinout

The North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector has five pins:

  • DC+/L1 and DC+/L2: Two primary pins used for both AC charging and DC Fast Charging
  • Ground (G): A pin that eliminates excess charge by dumping it into the road surface
  • CP: Control pilot pin. charging status current signaling.
  • PP: Proximity pilot. vehicle connection status signaling.

Why NACS Connector?

NACS has several advantages over other charging connector standards, such as CCS and CHAdeMO. Some of these advantages are:

·    NACS is smaller and lighter than CCS and CHAdeMO, which makes it easier to handle and store.

·    NACS is simpler and cheaper than CCS and CHAdeMO, which reduces the cost and complexity of charging stations and vehicles.

·    NACS is compatible with both AC and DC charging, which eliminates the need for separate connectors and ports for different charging modes.

·    NACS is widely available and reliable, as is it supported by Tesla's supercharging network, which is the largest and most advanced charging network in North America.

different charging interface/ connector comparing with NACS connector

Who uses NACS?

NACS was initially exclusive to Tesla vehicles, but it has since been adopted by several other EV manufacturers and charging network operators. Such as:

    Ford announced that its upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck will use NACS as its standard charging connector in North America, starting from 2025. This is a bold move by Ford, as it shows its commitment to electrify its iconic and best-selling vehicle. Ford is also collaborating with Tesla to expand the Supercharger network and make it available to its customers.

·       Volkswagen said that it will switch to NACS for its future electric vehicles in North America, including the ID.4 SUV and the ID.Buzz van, starting from 2025. This is a smart move by Volkswagen, as it shows its willingness to learn from its past mistakes and embrace the future of mobility. Volkswagen is also investing heavily in building its own charging infrastructure and supporting the development of NACS.

·       GM confirmed that it will use NACS for its next-generation Ultium platform electric vehicles, such as the Cadillac Lyriq and the GMC Hummer EV, starting from 2025. This is a strategic move by GM, as it shows its ambition to compete with Tesla and become a leader in the EV market. GM is also partnering with ChargePoint and Electrify America to offer its customers access to their charging networks.

·       ChargePoint, one of the largest EV charging network operators in North America, announced that it will add NACS connectors to its existing and new charging stations, starting from 2024. This is a customer-centric move by ChargePoint, as it shows its dedication to provide the best possible charging experience for EV drivers. ChargePoint is also working closely with Tesla and other manufacturers to ensure the interoperability and compatibility of NACS.

·      Electrify America, another major EV charging network operator in North America, said that it will upgrade its charging stations to support NACS connectors, starting from 2024. This is a progressive move by Electrify America, as it shows its vision to support the growth and diversity of the EV market. Electrify America is also collaborating with Tesla and other stakeholders to promote the adoption and standardization of NACS.

The NACS charging connector is a new standard for EVs that offers a fast, convenient, and universal charging solution. It is expected to become the dominant charging connector in North America, as more EV manufacturers and charging network operators adopt it. NACS is also a testament to Tesla’s innovation and leadership in the EV industry, as it has created and shared a technology that benefits all EV drivers. NACS is not just a connector, it is a connection. A connection between EVs and charging stations, between EV drivers and their destinations, and between EV enthusiasts and their dreams. NACS is the charging connector of the future, and the future is electric.

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