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Why Liquid Cooling is Import for High Amperage EV Fast Charing ?

Li Auto's 5C Supercharger 520KW charging capacity Liquid cooled charging cable

Li Auto' s 5C Supercharging Piles with 520KW Charging Capacity Liquid Cooled Charging Cables

On March 1st, Li Auto announced that their 5C Supercharging piles officially put into operation nation wide.In terms of parameters, the Li Auto 5C pile single-pile peak charging power is 520kW, peak output current is 740A, maximum output voltage is 1000V, their newly launched Li Auto Mega can replenish energy for a distance of 500 kilometers in 12 minutes with this 5C charger. the charging speed up to one kilometer per second. Providing car owners with a charging experience of "having a cup of coffee and setting off fully charged". This resolves many of the core pain points such as range anxiety and charging anxiety for electric vehicle owners, bringing a completely new charging experience. These 5C supercharging piles adopt liquid cooling charging cable, the gun line weight is 3.5kg, and can be easily operated with one hand even for women drivers.

What is a Liquid Cooled Charging Cable?

Liquid Cooled CCS2 Charging Cable

Unlike traditional Neutral cooling charging cable, Liquid cooled charging cables utilizes liquids to dissipate heat and maintain equipment temperature. Liquid-cooled CCS2 Charging Cable for ultra fast charging use this technology to charge electric vehicles in a shorter period, effectively improving charging efficiency and speed.

How to Achieve Fast Charging for Electric Cars?

First we need to clarify some basic principles. According to the formula "power = voltage x current" (P = UI), we can see that when either the voltage (U) or the current (I) increases, the power (P) will increase, accelerating the charging speed and reducing the charge time. Therefore, achieving high power fast charging mainly involves two methods. Firstly, increasing the vehicle's charging voltage—the charging voltage for electric vehicles has transitioned from the previous 400V to 800V and 1000V. Secondly, increasing the charging current. The majority of third-party universal fast chargers However, vehicle manufacturers' self-built super-fast chargers can successfully surpass the 250A current limit, achieving a higher 600A or 700A current output. but as we know the bigger current we use, the more heat will produce.

Why Does High Amperage Charging Generate much heat?

When the current passes through the resistor, all the electrical energy consumed on the resistor is converted into heat energy. According to Joule's law (Q=I²RT), the heat generated by the current through the conductor is proportional to the second square of the current, proportional to the resistance and power-on time, that is to say, the greater the current, the more heat generated by the charging pile.

Under the premise of the same resistance and equal time, when charging at 250A, a single charging cable or two charging cables can generate 62,500 joules of heat. And when charging at 600A will generate 360,000 joules of heat. Thus, how charging cables can withstand such high levels of heat has become a technical challenge that charging station manufacturers need to overcome. Also because of such, the Liquid Cooling Charging Cables have been invented.

How does the liquid Cooling Charging Cable works?

Liquid Cooling CCS2 Charging Cable System

In the liquid cooling EV fast charging technology, the role of the liquid-cooled charging cable is crucial. heat dissipation liquid is circulated between cable and charging gun. Liquid coolant for heat dissipation is added to the channel, and the coolant is circulated through a pump, thereby dissipating the heat generated during the charging process. The liquid cooling system extends from charging station to charging cable and connector, enabling low-temperature operation of the entire charging system. This enhances the heat dissipation performance, increases the device power density and output power, and is significantly improved compared to traditional air-cooled heat dissipation technology.

How to Choose a Good and Reliable Liquid Cooling Charging Cable Manufacturer?

1> The manufacturer should have advance production Machineries

We Fiver New Energy Co.,ltd equipped with the most advanced automatic production lines, and experienced workers. ensure us can produce quality Liquid Cooled  Charging Cable for customers all-over the world.

2> The Manufacturer should have strict inspection Standards to make sure that each single piece of product is 100% qualified.

Product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise,we always put product quality first. each product needs to pass dozens of inspections before leaving our factory.

to make sure that each single piece of product is qualified.

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