DC Charging Power Module

  • 20KW EV Charger Power module
  • 20KW EV Charger Power module
  • 20KW EV Charger Power module
  • 20KW EV Charger Power module
  • 20KW EV Charger Power module
20KW EV Charger Power module 20KW EV Charger Power module 20KW EV Charger Power module 20KW EV Charger Power module 20KW EV Charger Power module

20KW EV Charger Power module

  • Input Voltage Range: 268-479V AC
  • Output Voltage Range: 200-1000V DC
  • Rated Output Power: 20KW
  • MTBF:500000 Hours
  • Product description: This FIVER 20KW Power Module is specially developed for EV DC chargers, It has high efficiency, high power factor, high power density, high reliability advantage. AC input is 3 phase 4 wire, DC outpu

20KW Power Module for EV Charging and Energy Storage

DC Charger Power Converter Features:

1 Safe and Highly Reliable: Isolation design to ensure users’ and the EV charging system's safety.

2 Support Hot Plug Design: improving system reliability and facilitate the maintenance.

3 Ultra Wide Output Voltage Range: 200-1000V DC Compatible with vast majority of the platforms and vehicle charging equipment.

4 Latest Constant Power Technology: 330-500V & 600-1000V Constant power dual output segment, achieves the maximum constant power range, which improves the power utilization ratio of the DC charger, improve the operation efficiency, Maximize the carrier revenue.

5 Low Standby power: consumption <0.1% of the rated output power

6 High Efficiency: High full load/Peak efficiency ≥96%, Half load efficiency ≥95%

7 Power Factor ≥ 99%, and infinitely close to the pure restive load.

8 3phase active power factor correction technology, reduce the harmonic interference to the grid.

9 Orderly switch in between the High Voltage model and Low Voltage model to ensure the constant power and improve the efficiency.

10 A patent intelligent discharge circuit inside, improve the system reliability and simplify the system design

11 Intelligent Control: Dust-proof anti-blocking fans, fan fault alarm, to ensure best and reliable cooling effect; Supports remote fault detection and recovery; Module Protocol supports automatic OTA upgrade and continuous software upgrade, optimizing continuous module performance.

12 Low noise,Supporting Mute Model: Equipped with step-less regulation intelligent fan, lower noise; suitable for noise sensitive area.

13 Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ to +75℃

14 Compliant with CE TUV Safety standard EN61851-1, EN61851-23 , EN61851-23 and EN61851-21-1EMC Standard.





AC  Input

Phases/ Lines

3-phase  (without neutral supported)

Input Voltage

380Vac±20%: 268-480Vac



Power Factor


MAX Input Current






DC Output

DC Output Power


DC Output Voltage


DC Output Current


Unbalanced Current Sharing


Voltage stabilized accuracy


Current stabilized accuracy

<±1% (output power in 20%-100%)



CAN BUS (MAX 48 power module in parallel)

Indicate LED Light

Green (Normal Operation) / Yellow (Alarm) / Red (Failure)

Address Indication

Automatic address identification, Panel dial switch for group setting


Housing material

Metal case

Installation method

Hot plug type


SRE1000V cables/black 1.8m 10AWG power cable-input and output



Operating Temperature

-20~+75°C, power berating form 55°C

Working Humidity /Altitude

≤95% RH non-condensing / <2000M



Cooling Method

Fan cooling

Security Protection

Voltage Protection

Over Under Voltage automatic shutdown and restart when voltage return normal

Over Current / Short Circuit Protection

Automatic shutdown and lock, need to power off to restart and unlock

Over Temperature Protection

Automatic shutdown. Automatic restart when the temperature return to normal


Comply with CE, EN 61851-1-2001, EN 61851-21-2001, EN 61851-22-2001, EN61000-6-3 and EN61000-6-1 Class B


Dimension & Weight

86 mm*220mm*395mm (H*W*D) & 11KG

Safe and High Efficiency Power Module for EV Fast Charging

Wide Output Voltage range Constant Power 20KW Power Module for EV Charging


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