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  • 1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging
  • 1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging
  • 1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging
  • 1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging
1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging

1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging

  • Rated Power: 250KW
  • Rated voltage: 1000V DC
  • Rated Current: 250A
  • IP55
  • Product description: This 250A EV Charging Connector - a cutting-edge solution. Crafted to deliver fast and efficient charging, it compatible with all the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles(EV)

1000V 250A CCS2 Connector 250KW CCS2 Charging Cable for DC Fast Charging

250A 1000V CCS2 <a href=http://www.fiverevse.com/DC-Fast-Charging-Stations.html target='_blank'>DC Fast Charging</a> Cable for Electric Cars

Technical Parameters:

Electric Performance.

Rated current / Voltage

250A 1000V DC

Mechanical life

no-load plug in / plug out > 10000 times

Case Material

Thermoplastic, Flame retardant grade UL94-0


Cooper alloy, Sliver plated

Operation Temp.

-30℃ ~ + 50℃

IP protection class

IP 55 ( working condition)


Cable Specific

Cable Length

Fiver IEC-3-IVc-250A

2*70 + 1*25 + 6*0.75 mm² (TPE / TPU) Ultrasonic welding


Product Features:

1> Wide compatibility: With the CCS2 charging connector, our 200A EV charging plug is compatible with most EVs on the market. This means that no matter what make or model your vehicle is, you can rest assured that our charging plugs will seamlessly sync with your electric vehicle, providing a reliable and convenient solution for your charging needs.

2> Reliable quality and durable: One of the standout features of our charging plugs is their exceptional build quality. Made from high-quality materials, our plugs are built to last, exhibiting impeccable durability and reliability. This makes them a cost-effective investment for merchants as they can trust our charging plugs to last, minimizing the need for frequent replacement or maintenance.

3> Fast charging speed: In addition, our ccs2 charging cable has an amazing charging speed up to 250KW. This unrivaled charging capability translates into a lightning-fast and efficient charging experience, allowing EV owners to quickly charge their vehicles without sacrificing quality or performance. Say goodbye to long waits at charging stations and hello to hassle-free charging.

4>Easy maintenance: Installing and operating our 250A EV charging plug is a breeze. Designed with ease of use in mind, our plugs DC power terminal are designed to be replaceable, to save maintenance cost.

5> Highly safe: Our charging plugs are not only functional, but safety is also a priority. We go to great lengths to ensure our plugs meet the highest safety standards. the 250A CCS2 charging cable is comply with IEC62196-3, and develop and produce based on IATF 16949 automotive standards and ISO 9001 standards. You can trust that our charging plugs are rigorously tested and inspected for reliability and safety, eliminating any worries you may have about the charging process.

6> Nice design: In addition to great performance, our ccs2 charging plugs have a sleek, modern design. We believe that charging an electric vehicle must not only be efficient, but also beautiful. The perfect blend of utility and aesthetics, our plugs add a touch of sophistication to any charging station.

With our 250A EV Charging Plug, you can take pride in being part of the EV movement and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. By choosing our charging plugs, you are embracing sustainable mobility and actively reducing your carbon footprint. It's an investment that not only benefits you, but the planet as a whole.

In conclusion, the 250A CCS2 EV Charging Cable is a powerful and reliable solution for EV owners and merchants alike. Their compatibility with most EVs, superior build quality, fast charging speeds and user-friendly operation make them must-haves in the rapidly evolving world of EVs. Choose our charging plugs and experience the future of EV charging today.

Production Procedures:

One of the key factors that sets us apart is its commitment to using advanced production techniques.and strict quality control, With the advanced production lines in place, we are able to produce high-quality charging cables that meet international standards. This allows us to cater to the needs of customers all over the world. we can also offer customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Whether it's a different cable length, special connectors, or any other customization, we have the capability to deliver.

CCS2 Connector manufacturer

Strict Quality Inspection

Each single 250A CCS2 Charging Cable is strictly inspected, to assurance our products is 100% qualified.

1. Appearance Inspection

Check the printed content of the plug, ensure that the logo, model and other information are consistent with the drawing.



Test Machine/Tooling

Printing Content

Drawing/Customer request


Power Cable Color

DC+=Red, DC-=Black


PE Cable Color



Signal Cable Color



PT1000 Cable Color

T1=Brown, T2=Grey, T3=Blue, T4=Purple


CCS2 charging plug manufacturer

2. Cable Dimension Inspection

Check the outlet cable length, stripping cable length and cable diameter to ensure that they meet the drawing requirements.



Test Machine/Tooling

Overall cable diameter

Meet the drawing request

Steel rule

End Cable Stripping Length


Meet the drawing request

Steel rule

Outlet Cable Length

Meet the drawing request


EV <a href=http://www.fiverevse.com/DC-Fast-Charging-Stations.html target='_blank'>DC Fast Charging</a> Connector

3. Terminal Pull Force Test

Fix the cable and terminal on the force test machine, and then the machine will continue to apply force to try to separate the terminal and cable.

For 70mm² cable terminal, the product must meet the standard that terminal and cable wont separate below 2700N tension.



Test Machine/Tooling

70mm² cable pull force


Force gauge

35mm² cable pull force


Force gauge

0.75mm² cable pull force


Force gauge

<a href=https://www.fiverevse.com/EV-Charging-Plugs.html target='_blank'>EV Charging Connector</a> Supplier

4. Temperature Rise Test

Maintain a current of 250A on the DC+and DC - terminals for 1-2 hours, observe the temperature change of the CCS2 plug, and then check whether the temperature rise of the CCS2 car charging plug terminal is less than 50K;

If the temperature rise is <50K, it means that the Combo CCS2 connector can be safely used for continuous charging with 250A current



Test Machine/Tooling

Rated Current


Temperature rise test machine

Temperature rise


Temperature rise test machine

250A CCS2 DC fast charging cable supplier

5.Electrical Performance Test

Check the continuity, voltage and resistance of the charging plug to ensure that no cable or terminal is lost during the assembly process and the plug has good performance



Test Machine/Tooling

Rated Voltage


Comprehensive tester

Insulation Resistance


Contact Impedance


Withstand Voltage


RC Resistance

1500Ω ± 1%

CCS2 DC Charging Cable OEM Supplier

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