DC Fast Charging Stations

  • 20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home
  • 20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home
  • 20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home
20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home

20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home

  • Rated Power: 20KW
  • Output Current: 0-67A
  • Output Voltage Range: 200-1000Vdc
  • Input Voltage: 3Phase 380V
  • Product description: This 20KW GB/T DC Fast charger for home is a type of wall-mounted (fast) charging station that allows charging with direct current (DC) and transfers electrical power directly to the traction battery

20KW GB/T DC Fast Charger for Home Compatible with all Electric Cars with GB/T Charging Inlet

30KW DC EV Charger for VW ID6X ID6 CROZZ


1. This DC EV charger requires 3phase 380V±10% AC input. input current 50A Max suitable for homes with 3Phase electricity access.

2. This GB/T DC EV charger has a 20KW constant power charging, the output voltage range is 200-1000V DC output current is 0-67A. the total output power remains 20KW all the time during charging process. to ensure a fast and efficient charging. the output voltage/current are self-adaptive according to GBT charging protocols and the needs of your EV's battery. it can recharge your ID6 CROZZ 84.5KW battery pack from 20% to 90% within 2 hours.

3. This 20KW DC Fast Charging for home is with wide output voltage range from 200-1000Vdc.meeting car types in the market and adapt to high voltage EVs in future.Compatible with the existing 200V-800V platform and provides full power charging for future development above 900V which is able to avoid investment on high voltage EV charger.

4. This charger meets the GB/T charging standards and protocols, with a 9 pin GBT charging connector compatible with all the hot selling China made BEVs and PHEVs in the market such as Volkswagen ID4X, ID4 CROZZ; ID6X, ID6 CROZZ, ZEEKER 001, NIO, BYD etc.. even compatible for bus and electric trucks.

5. Easy Installation, This home use DC charger, is with a built-in RCCB, the input is 3P+PE(Optional for wall-mount installation) the wiring diagram as following.

Wiring instructions for 30KW home dc charger

6. This 20KW gbt dc ev charger is easy to use. with a simple one-button operation and a countdown reservation option, RFID function also optional.

7.  Low noise design. max noise range is under 56dB, always quite during working.

8. IP54 Protection degree, suitable for both in-door and out-door installation.

9. All-round protections, such as over/under voltage protection, leakage protection, lighting protection, over-load/short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection to ensure the users' and electric cars' safety.

10. Long warranty, whole unit 2 years warranty, motherboard 8 years warranty.

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